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Jalupro Treatment

Profhilo stimulates collagen and elastin fibres. Profhilo can treat the whole face with its 5 point injection technique. With one of the highest concentrates of Hyaluronic Acid on the market. Profhilo has many benefits including increased firmness, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, lifts jowls, improved quality of skin and prolonged duration of results.

What is it?

A safe, sterile bio-revitaliser for the skin. Also known as a Skin Collagen Booster. It is used for improving skin texture, brightening the skin and minimising evidence of fine lines & wrinkles. It is considered effective and safe and is a unique, fast-acting solution that contains rich ingredients that support the radiance & rejuvenation of the skin.


Who is it for?

Best results show on age 25 and upwards. Most commonly utilised between ages 35-80 in men and women.


How it works 

Classic Jalupro is used for skin usually between ages of 35-45 and HMW aimed at the older client.

The difference? HMW is thicker, and aimed at older skin with larger furrows and more concentrated hydration, where as Classic is thinner and great at hydrating, boosting and smoothing younger skin showing the first signs of aging.

What to expect 

A full consultation where you will be handed the mirror and to show and explain which areas are most of concern to you before we begin. Once established, we will cleanse the skin and inject the areas using a Mesotherapy technique. This is very fine and tiny needles piercing the outer layer of the skin and injecting micro-drops of the product under the skin for immediate hydration and smoothing. Wrinkles can be targeted specifically to help smooth out, or the skin as a whole can be treated to provide an overall moisture rich and glowing appearance. Once completed, a face mask is applied to sooth any irritation, redness and discomfort that you may experience. A numbing cream can be applied if required to reduce any discomfort.

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After treatment you will be required not to put any creams, makeup or to touch the areas treated. This is due to the risk of injection as with any break to the skin. This needs to remain clean and dry. You should see improvement within 7 days however 3 sessions are required approx. 10 days apart.