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Hayfever Treatment

Here in the UK we have two types of pollen, tree and flower, which is why so many of you suffer with Hayfever. 

At Hill Clinics we know how debilitating suffering from Hayfever can be. With side effects like sneezing, itchy or sore throat, watery eyes, sinus issues and blocked nose, we decided to give you your life back in those key months. 

By having the ever popular and effective Kenalog Hayfever injection, in your arm like any other vaccine, we can eliminate those side effects in just two weeks. With treatment lasting 6 months we have you covered for the entire pollen season. 

Contact us today to discuss your sneeze free pollen season.


Who can have it?

anyone is eligible for this treatment, however the clients with hayfever allergies will see the results most.


How it works

The corticosteroid works by reducing itching and allergies acting as an inflammatory medication. It works by suppressing the body's immune response to histamines and thus relieving symptoms.


What to expect 

on arrival you will be asked consent, the upper deltoid muscle of the arm is prepped with alcohol wipe and the injection Is administered in to the muscle. Treatment time approximately 15-30 minutes.

Hayfever Treatment Costing


you will be expected to sit for at least 10 minutes with me following this injection to ensure you are ok. Following treatment, you will experience symptom relief in approximately 2 weeks. No downtime needed as its back to work same day.

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