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Face lift

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Using a combination of Radio frequency, vacuum, skin tightening and ultrasound waves we are able to firm, lift and contour the face in a bespoke method to suit your needs. Made popular by celebrities, we are now offering this treatment as an affordable and alternative treatment to plastic surgery. 

Who is it for?

Popular with many A-list UK celebrities, this treatment is used before red carpet events and other big nights out. Can be utilised by any person, any age, any gender seeking to revive their youthful tighter glow.


How it works

using radio frequency skin tightening, vacuum and suction, facial ultrasound cavitation and bipolar radio frequency skin tightening we are able to melt chin/neck fat, contour jawlines, lift jowls and tighten skin on the face in order to lift and promote a more glowing complexion. Popular with the dermaplaning for the ultimate glow, we can give you the youthfulness back you have been seeking. The heat on the skin rejuvenates existing collagen and promotes cell renewal to provide these instant results.

Face Lift Treatment Costing

What to expect

on arrival we will discuss your facial concerns and which areas youd like to focus on mainly. we will devise a plan between us which you are happy with, and cleanse your skin in preparation. A light facial oil is applied to act as a barrier between your skin and the heat and we will use different electronic devices in order to melt fat, tighten skin and lift the face. The skin will instantly appear plumper and fuller giving you the instant youthful glow. Treatment time approx. 60 minutes.



after your non-surgical face lift you will be requested to take it easy for the day and drink plenty of fluids. You may feel a little sleepy after as it can be very relaxing, otherwise the lunchtime face lift is back to work same day.

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