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Dermaplaning Treatment

Dermplaning is a cosmetic procedure using a scalpel to gently and skilfully remove the very top layer of dead skin cells, peach fuzz, fine lines and acne scarring. This allows skin to glow naturally, creams and moisturisers to soak in better and also makeup to sit better on skin.


Who can have it?

Anyone is eligible for this treatment and can benefit from the glow it gives, men and women of all ages.


How does it work?

a fine surgical blade is used to remove the dead skin cells and velus hair in a delicate and gentle manner.


What to expect?

on arrival before photos are taken. skin is prepped, cleansed and dried to allow smooth removal of dead skin and hair. The surgical  blade is glided artfully over the skin and all residue removed is presented on a dark towel to show you after you will be amazed at whats removed! once removed, skin is massaged with a dragons blood serum and a delicate, soothing but moisturising cream applied. after treatment your skin will be smooth, soft and glowing as your natural skin tone is revealed under all the peach fuzz and dead skin. Treatment time approximately 30 minutes.

Dermaplaning treatment costing


after treatment you will benefit from drinking plenty of fluids, not putting makeup on for 12 hours and by removing all makeup and further creams with a double cleanse morning and evening. This is a great habit to get in to, to really look after your skin and natural beauty.

Repeat treatments can be booked from 4 weeks post dermaplaning. No downtime needed as its back to work same day.  Can experience slight redness that reduces within the hour.

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