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Bum Lift

Brazilian Bum Lift 

Using ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency vacuums we will melt fat and reduce cellulite and use it to move and contour your shape to meet your requirements. For a peachy posterior, to reduce those saddle bags, or to lift and tighten that bottom, come and see us for a consultation and to discuss your options. For an extra enhanced results we can add Fat Freezing to this treatment before we begin. This will help to contour the shape even further and can be included for an added £100.

Who is it for

this is for anyone struggle with gain the shape desired, or unhappy with the appearance of cellulite or their derrière, this treatment can really boost confidence in men and women at any age.


How it works

using radio frequency skin tightening, vacuum, suction and ultrasound cavitation, we are able to melt unwanted fat pockets, lift the bum and tighten skin in order to contour and promote a more rounded and firm posterior. Unwanted fat pockets are metabolised through the lymphatic system and excreted through urine following the weeks after. Popular with Fat Freezing as an added extra (£100) for the ultimate fat loss and bum lift, we can give you the bum and/or thighs you may struggle to achieve in the gym. The heat on the skin rejuvenates existing collagen and promotes cell renewal to provide these instant results, where the vacuum, heat and massage promote the shape desired and reduction in cellulite.


What to expect

We will discuss which areas of your bottom/thighs most concern you and take some 'before' photos so we can compare. We will discuss the treatment and what we are going to do as we are doing it to make sure you understand throughout the treatment process. You will be made comfortable on the treatment couch and oil will be applied to the area. Depending on your goals we will use a combination of heated electronic devices in order to lift, firm and contour your bum.

Bum Lift Treatment Costing


Results visible after 1 session however 2+ sessions recommended for better results, and a yearly maintenance appointment is also beneficial. Drinking 2-3 litres of water following treatment everyday is essential in the results of this treatment as it flushes away the dead fat cells.

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